My Go To Strategy To Create Passive Income in My Online Coaching Business

(That takes no extra promotion on your part, doesn't pull attention away from your 1:1 program and doesn't require a large list - or a list at all!)

Ready for passive income in your online coaching business?

When I started my coaching business, I knew 1:1 clients were the best way to leverage my small email list and make great money and provide massive value to clients, fast.

I didn't have to prepare course content, mess with a ton of technology or ANYTHING.

However - what I didn't realize was I missing out on thousands of dollars per month by not implementing two key passive income streams that don't take any extra promoting and were actually REALLY simple to set up (and practically free)!

When you grab instant access to this FREE video training I'll show you:

  • How I've added over $1,200 a month to my income through passive income
  • How to start taking less 1:1 clients and sell more passive products including low cost tripwires, courses and recorded trainings
  • How I actually added another $2,000+ per month to my income my launching my passive products a specific way

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